In the centre of my political activities is the struggle for a change of the basic societal conditions in order to enable all the people to care for themselves and each other, without time pressure and existential fears in a volume appropriate for them.

To reach this aim, together with fellow activists I founded in 2014 the Netzwerk Care Revolution. Working together in this network are at the moment 10 local groups in cities and regions in Germany. In Suisse and Austria there are also initiatives that are part of the Network Care Revolution.

In a short video interested persons may get a first introduction into my understanding of Care Revolution. In more comprehensive form, you can inform yourselves on the results of my research in my book Revolution. Schritte in eine solidarische Gesellschaft", published 2015.

Further on there is a video on the activists´ conference "Let´s get a good life for everybody all over the world - for a Care Revolution", which was held in Berlin from 14.3. to 16.3.2014.

Also, there is a short video informing about the local activists´conference "care into the centre - Care Revolution as a perspective" that took place in Freiburg at 20.5.2017.

A quick insight into my argumentation for the the necessity of a Care Revolution you may also find by reading any of the following interviews in some journals.

Under the heading publications you may find extensions on those arguments.